The Benefits of Collagen

The Benefits of Collagen

What does a woman see the first time she looks in a mirror?

She Sees Her Face!

When we look in the mirror, we all expecting to see smooth radiant skin. Skin is our largest organ and it is the most abused part of our body. Our skin is subject to the environment, the elements and us.

Woman have been taking care of their skin and using makeup even before the famous Egyptian beauty queen Cleopatra. Unfortunately, aging is inevitable and what worked in our 20’s does not work in close to fifties. Women of today at 60 to 70 are fighting aging. The old saying ‘Grow old with grace’ has a dignified sound but we no longer need to give up and grow old. We live in the 21st. century. We can and we do fight aging. We live longer, are healthier, looking younger and are more active than our parents were at our age. We take care of our health we have powerful anti-aging products like collagen supplements to keep our skin young looking.

The Role of Collagen

Collagen is the most important structural substance in our body. And it is the most important substance for a smooth radiant skin. Our body produces collagen in abundance when were young however, collagen production slows down in our mid 20’s and progressively produces less and less collagen as we are growing older. The signs on your face start showing around 30+, or for some lucky women later. First signs are very subtle, hardly visible fine lines around the eye and lip areas or both. Most women ignore this early messenger.

Please pay attention to these almost invisible signs. Over time they become wrinkles and are much harder to get rid of. Usually this is the time when we all start looking for help. We start buying expensive skincare and makeup, booking appointments for a facial, having professional makeup, even changing our hairstyle. Fighting age is an excellent idea. I’m all for it. But we need more help. Cleansing, nourishing and protecting the skin on the surface is very important but your skin need to be nourished from the inside too.

The skin is not the only part of you nourished by collagen. Your hair, nails, eyes, even your joints are nourished by collagen. The beauty industry is gigantic. Research for better, more effective products has been going on non-stop, improving the quality of the beauty products including collagen.
The market is saturated with cosmetics and skin care product so it’s not so easy to choose the best product. It is important to investigate what is available on the market and what product, supplement is most beneficial and improves more than just your skin.

A well-informed consumer not only saves money she is also getting the best value for her money.

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