The Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet

Starting something new whatever it is, can be hard at the beginning. Let’s face it, the word Diet is not what most of us would call a loving word.

The keto diet, however, is a rich diet and unlike most of the other diets, you do not have to starve. All the food we have been told are unhealthy for years like butter, whole eggs, bacon, ham & eggs for breakfast, a juicy steak, pork roast and more, you can enjoy without feeling guilty.

You can eat all the rich, healthy food and vegetables have cream in your coffee, even top your strawberry and blueberry with whipping cream. You can eat all the reach yummy food you like. Your body will turn it into energy, not fat. Carbs and starch on the other hand turn all the rich food you love into fat in your body.

When you are on a keto diet your body goes into a state of ketosis. This turn your body turn it into a fat burning machine.

Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead. This results in a build-up of acids called ketones within the body.

Ones you are in the Ketosis state, your body is doing the job for you, burning all the unwanted fat, even the most dangerous fat around the waist called visceral fat that is known to cause heart attacks, liver damage and more.  The keto diet supplements quick start the process of Ketosis, but it is you who will have to make it a lifestyle and enjoy a slim and healthy body and mind just by eating the right but delicious food. NO MORE DIET.

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How To Overcome Carb Addiction

This might hard for some people. Sugar addiction is a very real thing not just the figment of your imagination. It is being researched more and more these days. According to latest research sugar addiction in a much lower case is similar to drug addictions. Reward centers in the brain seeking their next feeling tasting good moment.

However, the good news is that carb addiction is not that difficult to break. In fact, after just 2 weeks or so of going commando, you can do without them, and you will not be subject to mood swings and cravings.

 How Can You Prevent Craving?

So how exactly can you stop missing those carbs, and overcome your addiction? By following the tips, we have outlined for you, of course!

Sometimes, the difference between a craving and true hunger is confusing. If you hear or feel your tummy “rumbling” you’re hungry. At other times you think you’re hungry, but you do not have any signs of hunger, your tummy is happy.

Tips and Ideas To Stay On The Right Tracks

The keto diet is very rich. Make sure you follow it. It will help you feel satisfied. Based on past experiences, cravings for sweets and false hunger pains only last for about two weeks. During the first two weeks eat more frequently.

Eat timed meals. If you find waiting 4+ hours between meals isn’t quite working for you, divide that one larger meal into two smaller servings, which can be taken to hours apart. Ensure the meal is rich in protein and quality fat, as they are both very filling and will shut down your desires for sweets and starches.

The moderate amount of protein and high fat intake in a low carb diet really helps to satisfy your hunger, so you want to eat less naturally.

In addition, when you begin to burn fat for energy, as you will on a low carb diet, you will not experience blood sugar spikes, which also helps to naturally regulate the appetite, as long as you eat protein and healthy fats on a regular basis.

Keeping busy is the best way to stay away from snacking

Do you notice that you, or your kids tend to gain an extra 5, 10- or 25-pounds during holiday or vacation times? Even though you may not be travelling and trying exquisite cuisine, the act in itself of being home all the time is boring and paves the way for overeating.

Keep yourself engaged in activities will help distract your mind from useless snacking. You don’t want to start an addiction, just hope you don’t already have one.

Stay Happy

Know what is absolutely jaw-dropping? The fact that a study revealed that cravings are not necessarily a result of hunger, but rather your mood. If you’ve ever watched a show like the biggest loser, one thing that usually resounds is the trigger than started the cascade of weight gain.

Normally, it was some sort of depression- having lost a family member, being bullied at school, having no friends or utter boredom.

Food does improve your mood, albeit for a very short period of time, but then just leads to you wanting more and more, frequently that bag of chips or candy.

Instead of filling up your thoughts with somber, woe-is-me thoughts, do something to take up your time, such as visiting somewhere new, doing something you truly enjoy, getting some exercise or going to a movie.

Find Replacements

Sometimes, just talking the talk isn’t enough; you need something tangible to fill the void created by the absence of your favorite sweet treats. Good options here include foods like fatty fruits (avocadoes, olives) protein and fat rich meats, and bulky veggies. You can even try making some kale chips, which taste delicious and fill you up.

First you need to decide to lose weight, be healthy, look and feel good. You can do it, but you must believe in yourself and know you will do it!

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read the book, the recipe book, go shopping with the list in hand. Keep walking. You are on the road to become a healthy, happy and great looking girl or guy for as long as you want to be.