What is Diet? The definition of the word simply is… “The food humans and animal eat.” It is the food you eat daily. However, when we think of diet the meaning of the word is changes. Most people think of being deprived of all the good and tasty food they love. But the desire to look good and lose the extra weight that that keeps adding on is stronger than craving for more food. You are ready and eager to lose the unwanted fat, hunger pains or not. Eager to go on, for the first couple of weeks of stepping on the scale, losing almost two pounds will make most of us stay with the diet, but over time the hunger grows, and the scale is not showing the desired results. At this point we either stop dieting or go on until we reach our goals. Once we are happy with our results, we go shopping for nice new clothes and life is good. We start eating little by little the food we missed so much and before we know it our new clothes do not fit any more. Standing on the scale, glaring at the numbers below, unbelievable but true, you’ve gained back all the weight you lost and more. All that hope and all the suffering has ended in painful disappointment. In time we get over being disappointed and most of us will start all over again. We start what is called yoyo dieting, not really getting the desired results but trying over again, sometimes more than once. How do I know it? Because I’ve been there. Have you? If you have please keep reading on how you can escape this trap and learn how to eat delicious food without feeling deprived and lose and keep off that excess weight for life. For some of us, overeating and eating processed and junk food, grabbing a burger on the run with fries and a coke has became part of our lifestyle. We are aware of the cause but not the solution. In most cases the problem is overwhelming. Obesity driven, the diet industry is over a billion-dollar business. And yet there seems to be almost no solution. There is. Keep on reading. You may have heard about the Ket0genic diet plan. It is an excellent solution and it does work. It may seem counter intuitive because it emphasizes fats, moderate protein and low carbs, but it is an excellent plan if we learn how to use it properly. Click here to go to our ketogenic lifestyle plan. To assist you in your weight loss plan, check out the Keto Diet Shop for supplements that will accelerate your progress of the keto eating plan. Proven ingredients will accelerate your weigt loss. However, excess weight is not the only reason we need to change our eating plan. Some people have a digestion problem that is called Celiac disease. Are you gluten intolerant? Do you have digestion problems that you can’t understand the reasons for? If you are not sure, then download our checklist and use it to determine if you are gluten intolerant. If you find you are, then the next step is to purchase a copy of the Gluten Free Lifestyle. The things you need to know about the gluten free lifestyle and how to prepare, shop for, eat out with friends and much more information. Click here to learn all about it. For some of us, the need to lose weight quickly for a special occasion, or to fit into that dress we bought a few months ago, is a special challenge. But how do you do that and stay healthy, and maybe keep the weight off? Let is introduce you to the 15 day diet program. Click here to learn all about this option. Last but not least is the least understood option for weight loss and overall increase in health. It is called intermittent fasting and the authority on the subject, and one who uses it in his own life, is Brad Pilon. His book Eat Stop Eat is the bible on fasting. I personally used it along with the keto diet with amazing results. Go here to learn more about his easy program. Every person is different and has different needs. Of the solututions we offer above, one is bound to serve your needs. Here’s to a new and better you!