Frequently Asked Questions #1 What is the Intermittent Fasting Formula? Intermittent Fasting Formula” is an easy-to-follow plan to help you lose weight fast. The best part is, you don’t have to ban your favorite food. This is what makes the Intermittent Fasting easier to stick to as compared to other restrictive diet plans out there... while delivering remarkable results. This blueprint reveals everything you need to know about Intermittent Fasting — How to get started with Intermittent Fasting, learn how Intermittent Fasting works, the amazing mental and physical health benefits, diet protocols, effective tips to get better results fast… and much more! If you want to get ripped, burn stubborn belly fats, and improve overall health quickly… then this is the solution that you’ve been waiting for. #2 What is included inside the Intermittent Fasting Formula? You will get everything you need to know to get started on Intermittent Fasting: What is intermittent fasting? Why has it become so popular and how is it different from other ways of dieting? The core benefits of intermittent fasting. The intermittent fasting formula for rapid weight loss. Safety protocols of intermittent fasting. How to use the 16:8 intermittent fasting diet protocol. How to use the 24-hour “Eat-Stop-Eat” diet protocol. How to use some of the other popular intermittent fasting methods like alternate day, 20:4 and 5:2 methods. How to maximize the results of your intermittent fasting regime. How to introduce intermittent fasting into your life and how to get started successfully. #3 Who is the Intermittent Fasting Formula for? This guide is for people who want to: ● Lose weight fast without sacrificing their favorite food ● Achieve their best physique fast ● Get started with healthy living ● Break the weight-loss plateau ● Live a longer & healthier life ● Look good and feel better in their own skin ● Increase their self-esteem & build self-confidence ● Be in a more positive, creative, high-energy & motivated state
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